Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everyone Poops

That is the title of one of MANY potty books I have read over and over and over again in the past few weeks. That's right, we're riding the potty train around here. We introduced Holly to the potty about a month ago. When she went we threw such a party and got so excited that I think we overdid it. For the next few weeks she refused to go again. I was just about to give up when she finally started showing interest again. I wasn't feeling well all week so I was happy to stay home and have taking her to the potty be my biggest task for the day. I stuck her in panties and within a few days she was no longer having accidents. But she wasn't pooping. When I would suggest that she should try I would get this kind of face.
Even knowing that Everyone Poops didn't help her. Eventually she got some poop out, not in the toilet, and her and Sage did a fine job cleaning it up (rubbing it into the carpet) with 1/2 a pack of wipes. Oh, the joys of potty training. After that she decided that pooping wasn't for her, that she will not poop like everyone else. For days she held it in. On the one side, I was grateful it wasn't ending up on the floor again, on the other, I felt so bad for her!! I could tell that the urge was there but she just couldn't make it happen. I spent many hours sitting in the bathroom with her. I was grateful for 3 other children who were willing to take turns reading to her and entertaining her. Well tonight we finally had success. Holly pooped in the toilet. Yipee!!! That makes 4 days straight without a single accident. Could child #4 actually be potty trained!? Do I only have to do this one more time? We'll see. But for now, both Holly and I are convinced that it's true. Everyone Poops.

A 2-digit Birthday

Abbie turned 10! Of course, it is hard for me to believe that my oldest is 10 now. I love all the fun that comes with growing up. Abbie's birthday month was fun for both of us. She was spoiled all month long. Early birthday presents, a trip to Utah with just mom, a shopping spree with Grandma and Grandpa, a 3-D movie with just the two of us, a family birthday party and a friend party at the skating rink. Does life get any better? This 10-year-old deserves it all.

She wanted me to make aebelskivers for her birthday. They are a delicious round pancake that my sister-in-law, Stacie, introduced me to. Stephanie figured them out and has been making them for me here and then bought me my own pan for my birthday. This was my first attempt at making them. I failed but Abbie was so encouraging and sweet about the whole thing. I think I finally got the last batch right and she shoved a few in her mouth as she walked out the door to school. I tried!
Stephanie took her to Wendy's and shopping after school. We then had her favorite dinner, salmon lingune (also a Stacie recipe-thanks Stacie!) with Grandpa and the Christensens. She devoured that in a few minutes and was off to soccer. Once she got back we had just enough time to open presents and eat donuts. She's so grown up!!
Abbie got a much needed new jacket.
She requested that we have donuts for this party and save the fancy Stephanie cake for her real party.
A few days after her birthday she was able to invite as many friends as we could fit into our van for a trip to Skate World. Ahh, the memories. And I think 10 must be that magic age for a skating party.
After skating, the kids came over for presents, cake and games. At one point Abbie was crying from laughing so hard. I loved seeing her so happy. Abbie has brought me lots of joy over the past 10 years. She is an amazing girl. I look forward to everything that will come with the next 10 years. Bring it on!

Holly also enjoyed that there was a party going on. Yum!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pushing Limits

I've always enjoyed seeing how far I can push myself. Making lots of pies for my wedding reception, running marathons, going backpacking, hiking mountains, jumping off bridges, stuff like that. It's exhilarating to reach your goal and to find out what you are capable of. Raising children has certainly changed the ways in which I am able to push myself. I push my limits now by attempting to raise 5 children (wish me luck!), giving birth naturally, and hiking mountains while I'm pregnant. My sister, Heather, shares that same intense need to do it all. Her single life is allowing her to try whatever she wants. Right this minute she is probably near, if not on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. Am I jealous? Heck, yah!! If it weren't for my 5 amazing children, I'd be right there with her. Would I want my life to be any different? Nope. I couldn't be happier with the opportunities I have.

So, while Heather prepared to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, I prepared to hike Mt. Timpanogas-7 months pregnant. I had always told Abbie that when she turned 10, she would hike Mt. Timp with me. Timp is the mountain I grew up with. I could see it from my house and hiked it many, many times. Whenever we vacation in Utah, I tell the kids that the mountain is mine. I love that they believed me! When I realized that Abbie would almost be 10 and I would be near the end of my pregancy, I knew the time had come. I have always hiked at the end of my pregnancies and didn't want this one to be any different. So Abbie and I got on a plane and were hiking my mountain the next day.

We were so lucky to have Megan, Aaron, John, Mirm and Bud join us. What a treat!
This is why I do the crazy things I do! It was beautiful. And we lucked out with perfect weather.
Here we are at the saddle of Timp. Such a fun group.
Nothing like coming up over the ridge and seeing all of Utah Valley. We can even see the street I grew up on from here.
And isn't this girl amazing? There were few, if any kids, younger than her on the mountain that day.
Bud thought he was hot stuff with his fancy walking stick.
After 9 hours of hiking we were thrilled to see the cars again and to have accomplished our goal!
Abbie's favorite part of the trip was seeing all of her cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa and friends.
She even got to meet her new cousin Max. Such a fun trip!
I look forward to having my kids join me on more adventures as they get older. It's fun to have a crew of people to join me in the fun.

And I can't wait to hear all about Mt. Kilimanjaro. For now, I'll remember how great it was having Heather around when our biggest adventure for the day was making it to the bus stop on time and getting out of PJ's before dinnertime. Nothing wrong with that.