Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

I'm sure there are, and will be, many Halloween posts in the next few days. How can a mom resist showing pictures of her adorable kids for all to see?

Abbie and Rick got to dress up a week early for a Daddy/Daughter cowboy date. They had a great night out.

Once we got all our decorations out and the pumpkins carved, we were ready to celebrate.
Connor as a glow-in-the-dark skeleton.
A princess, a monkey and a witch.
My favorite photo of all time.

Ever since Abbie was able to give an opinion about dressing up, she has chosen the furthest thing from a princess. She has been a witch, ghost, vampire and this year a mummy
My costume took me 8 mos. to get it just right. Here I am with a very sweet witch.
Rick loves the chance to smother his face in makeup.

This last picture makes me sick to look at. Way too much candy. I know Heather. It's not right for us to have so much. We'll send some your way. Of course, the kids think it's fabulous. We just couldn't stop! The weather was great, I needed a good walk, and the kids were in heaven. What a magical night.


Tonya said...

Love the costumes! A magic 8 ball? That's very clever:0) Your candy piles look a lot like our candy piles. I keep hearing about people that let their kids only keep a few pieces and then the rest gets taken by the candy fairy. I thought about that and then decided that I like having the treats around, but we do have a three pieces a day rule. So, it will just last a long time, right?

Alesha said...

I love the costumes. I will tell Makenzie that you got to dress up for Halloween, she will be happy! We got so much candy it was crazy. We ended up letting the kids eat any and as much as they wanted on Sunday night and then let them keep 10 pieces for this week and Jason took the rest to school. It works great. The sad thing is even with all the candy they stuffed in their faces that night. Jason still took 5 gallon size bags full of candy. Now that is just to much.

Mark said...

Man, who knew that Rick could look so freaky.

hedrad said...

I love it! There can never be too much candy. Yes, I wish you could send some my way but only for purely selfish reasons.

brenda said...

Rick is seriously scary! Holy crap.

We never saw you on that fun crazy night!