Monday, November 30, 2009


I figured since almost every evening and every Saturday for the entire months of September and October were spent playing soccer, I needed to make a post out of it. We started soccer with Abbie 4 years ago and have continued to add to the fun and chaos every year. This year Emily joined in making three kids in soccer. Someone had practice every night of the week, with Emily and Connor's practices overlapping. And Saturdays were nonstop from 8:30 when we would leave the house until we got home around 12:00. Rick and I would often split up when games conflicted and we relied on friends to help out as well. Thanks!

As crazy as it was, I loved that the kids were doing it. I loved the exercise they got, that they were learning a new skill, that they were playing with friends, that it got us out of the house on Saturdays and I loved watching them grin when they scored a goal. It's so nice be done for the season but I'm sure we'll be doing it again next season.

I was awful at taking pictures this time around. I've seen it all so many times before! These are the few soccer pics we had from this season.

Emily loved her season, but only because she got to flirt with the boys. She was so funny to watch. She's not very competitive so making goals was not at all important to her. But she smiled and laughed the whole time. The few times she did score, she had been bribed with a dollar or a slurpee. She'll do what it takes to get a treat!
Here she is with some of her soccer buddies at their party.

And her first soccer medal ever. She was thrilled.
This is the one and only picture I have of Connor from the season. He did awesome and loved hanging out with his friends at games and practices. We missed his party because we were at Great Wolf Lodge.
And we missed Abbie's soccer pictures because she and I were in Utah. But we got some party pictures.
One of many medals and trophies. It was especially fun to watch Abbie this year. She is one of the better players on the team.
They all provided me with hours of entertainment. Next up-Basketball for Connor and dance for the girls. Go team Bruno!!

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Danielle said...

You guys sure are a busy bunch. What fun times.