Monday, November 30, 2009


My Thanksgiving wasn't nearly as exciting as Heather's Thanksgiving in Zambia but it was just what I needed. I knew I wouldn't be up for lots of cooking so it was real nice to have Steph around. All there was for me to cook were the mashed potatoes, rolls and pies. Compared to years past that was a breeze! The day was blissfully relaxing as we put puzzles together and went for a walk.
Stephanie did an amazing job with the food and we were all sufficiently sick and happy by the end of the meal. Yum!

Even with only five adults and six kids, I still made five pies. I just couldn't resist. It was nice having the kids around to help. Abbie did all but the crust of the banana cream pie. I've enjoyed eating pie every day since. When you are 40 weeks pregnant you deserve to eat at least two pieces of pie a day.
And I had to include a picture of straight-haired Emily. It had been a while since we used the straightener on her hair. She loved having a change.

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Danielle said...

You definitely deserve pie everyday!! Aren't sister wonderful to pick up the slack when you need it.