Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caves and Christmas Trees

Rick and I were watching a show and learned that when Panda Bears have a baby they don't leave their cave for three weeks because the baby is so helpless. I decided I was going to remain in my own cave as long as I could.
I have my own helpless baby and am so happy to hide out inside with him. I didn't quite make it three weeks but even two weeks was an accomplishment for me. I'm not usually one to be home all the time. It helped that it was incredibly cold outside, that my amazing friends were picking up and dropping off kids all day long, that so many kind people brought me dinners, and most of all, that I had this adorable boy to hold and stare at. I'm sad that my cave days didn't last longer.
Grant's first outing was to get a Christmas Tree. I didn't want to miss out on our favorite Christmas Tree farm-Loch Lolly! It always makes us happy.
We found the perfect tree in no time at all.Grant hung out in the car.
After we found our tree the kids visited with Santa.
Santa with his reindeer.
Then we went to the frozen pond where we enjoyed hot chocolate and a warm fire.

I guess Connor wasn't enjoying all of it.

Since our first outing to get a Christmas tree, Grant and I have tried our hardest to remain in our cave. For now, that is where we are happiest. But we couldn't stay away from violin recitals, Stephanie's awesome concert, birthday parties and a ward Christmas party, a date with Rick, and just a bit of last minute shopping-I would hate to miss the Christmas chaos.

Though very sleep deprived, I am starting to get the hang of life with five kids. I feel well and am enjoying having Grant around. Such a sweet baby. I have little panic attacks when I think about the time when I can't hide out in my cave anymore. But for now, I'm grateful for the next two weeks of holidays to be with my family. Life is good.


Julie said...

Heidi, your family is soooo cute! I love the photo of the kids with Santa. What a fun farm! And that baby....oh, what a sweet one. I loved your performance at the ward Christmas party. You are such an AMAZING person!

Alesha said...

It looks like you were able to have a great first outing with Grant and the family. I am sorry I have not come to visit, we had some coughs going on at our house. Now every one is good. If your kids need to get out of the house let them come play here for a while, my kids would love it. You did a wonderful job at the ward party.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Love the photos! The kids are all growing so fast. It seems with my last two, the cave was just such a joy - I cherish that sweet time with a newborn. I know you did a great job at the ward party :) even though we've missed the last five with our move across the river.

Lady Fox said...

Sounds like I might need to have a baby if that's what it takes to be able to stay in my cave. If only. Merry Christmas!

Robin said...

Guess we'll just have to bring the chaos to your cave, then. You can hunker down ... but you can't hide. Mwaa-hahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

That was lots of fun!