Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby's First Smiles

These videos are dedicated to my sisters.

To Stephanie: Even though you are only minutes away, you have yet to time your visits so that you can see Grant smile. Hopefully you'll see it in person soon. You have been looking forward to it almost as much as I have!

To Heather: Even though you are half a world away, you can still take part in the 'firsts' of Grant's life. You have always been my kids number one fan.

Nothing melts your heart like a babies first smile. I love it!!


Tonya said...

I know I am not your sister, but those videos would melt anybody's heart. So sweet!!!

Stephanie said...

Yes, it is time I see one of those is person. SOOOO cute. We had to watch it 5 times before my kids were content. And Jaxon thought that Grant was talking in the second one. When he starts to smile his mouth looks like he could be the one talking, not you. Watch it again. Jaxon was nearly in tears he was laughing so hard. Cute cute cute!!!

Tami said...

O.K. That is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

hedrad said...

You just can't watch those without a big grin on your face. So cute! I just kept pushing play over and over and over again. Hoping to memorize every sound and expression. Keep the videos coming.

Rachel said...

I think I can count my babies first smiles as the happiest days in my life. You enjoy that cute little boy.