Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Celebrating with Snow and Cupcakes

My sisters and I always celebrate my mom's birthday. It's a fabulous excuse to make and eat a cake. But even more than that, it gives us a chance to talk about my mom to our kids and keep her memory alive. We watch the short video that we have from her life and share with our kids who Grandma Ardie is.

This year my dad was going to join Stephanie and I for dinner at Red Robin and cupcakes at my place. I was sitting on the couch with Grant in the afternoon when I noticed it was snowing!!! That's always a really big deal around here. It wasn't even in the forecast. After a few hours of snow we knew it probably wasn't best for my dad to drive down. The kids were in heaven with all the snow but we were sad that my dad wouldn't be able to join us. We were even more sad that it took Rick FIVE hours to get home from work. Crazy!!

Stephanie had already made the most amazing filled chocolate cupcakes so her family braved the storm to come over. They only had to help push a few people on their way over. Things get crazy around here with even the littlest bit of snow.

Those of us who made it loved talking about Grandma Ardie, watching her video and eating our cupcakes. Especially this little one. She knows how to enjoy a cupcake!


Tonya said...

I love that you have made celebrating your Mom's birthday a tradition. And what a PERFECT way to let her memory live. When your kids get to meet her they will know at least a little bit of who she was. So neat. That snow was INSANE!

Lady Fox said...

Lucky for you to get snow. Snow can be snow much fun. (Hee hee. I did a funny.) Happy Birthday to your mom too! What a great tradition you've got goin' on. I love it.

Elisabeth said...

Awww, I loved your mom! Such good memories.
I'm glad you could celebrate her day.

hedrad said...

Holly's responses to the questions you asked are hilarious. Love that girl. I love seeing Dar in the background on the TV. Your children are beautiful. Those brown eyes are intense.