Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Give Them Something to Blog About

I haven't felt like my life is interesting enough to blog about. I mostly just spend my days cleaning, feeding kids, driving them around, changing diapers...boring stuff like that. So it was happy when I downloaded pics onto the computer and realized there were some things worthy of a post.
First off: Abbie was able to compete in a regional Battle of the Books. She read 16 books, took a test to see how much she remembered and got one of the top four scores in the school which gave her a spot on the team. The girls got to wear cute hats, answer hard questions, and enjoy the excitement of so many schools coming together.

I was surprised by how intense it was!! The girls would get a question, discuss it and then give their answer. If they didn't answer it exactly right it would be given to the other team. Very stressful. A few tears were shed but overall the girls had a great time.

We spent a Sunday afternoon walking around the temple. It made for some cute pics and got us out of the house.
Grant continues to be a very expressive baby.
Holly gave an adorable performance in the last music group performance with Stephanie. She is only a few months away from having a baby and so she is handing music group back over to me. I'm excited to start up again next week! This was my favorite song of all. It might sound a bit like screaming but it's really just little kids giving it their all. Very cute.
We also had a visit from the Leprechauns. When I was little we would go in the field and make a trap to catch the Leprechauns. It was always so magical when we would go back and find the trap filled with candy-the ransom paid by the Leprechauns to set them free. I suggested the kids do the same this year. It was a break from tradition for them so it didn't go over very well at first. I sent them out to the garden to dig their hole. They decided a hole in the middle of the backyard was more effective. Oh well.
It worked! Just like it had for me year after year, their hole was filled with candy and a note. The highlight of this month was a weekend at the beach with Steph's family. We were able to stay at our favorite beach house and enjoy as much of the beach as we could. The evening we got there was gorgeous as we ran along the beach and watched the sunset.
I loved listening to Jingle Bells as I walked on the beach.
The next day we went to the Newport Aquariam and caught the octopus awake and entertaining. That was my favorite part, not to mention watching Jaxon in his element.
We attempted the beach later on that day and ended up trying to fly a kite in the rain. It took Abbie and I the longest to give up but after sitting on the beach in the wind and the pouring rain we finally packed up our drenched chairs and walked back to the beach house. I had pretty much given up on a chance at a dry day on the beach. The next day there was a break in the clouds so we headed down to the tide pools, saw some cool things, and then walked back in the pouring rain once again. We were thrilled the next day when the sky was cloudless and we were able to enjoy some sunshine on the beach. The kids even got to their waste in the ice cold Oregon water.
Sights like these made my heart happy and rejuvinated me enough to happily go home and get back to my routine, even if it isn't always a blog-worthy life.