Sunday, April 25, 2010


I like change. It feels good to get a fresh start on something. The last few weeks have been full of changes for Rick and I. Rick was contacted about a new job opportunity and decided it was a step up from what he was currently doing. He started his new job last week. I am happy for him and love the few miles less he commutes each week.

As for myself, I had been serving as Relief Society president for the past 3 1/2 years. In that time I had two babies. When Bishop came to my house to let me know the time had come for a change I felt incredible relief and incredible sorrow. There was so much good that came out of it and so much I would miss. I could write pages on the things I learned and loved about the calling. Most of all, I learned how very aware God is of our needs. Not only did I see this manifest in my own life while I served, but I saw it over and over in the lives of the sisters in my ward. And I consider it one of God's tender mercies that he sent my sisters to live close to me just a few weeks before I was called and now that they are moving on to other things and places (Idaho and Africa) it was my time to be released. What a blessing they have been over these past years. Not to mention my good husband. Let's just say the man is amazing.

I received my dream calling-primary pianist. I honestly can't think of an easier calling. The break will be a good, and much needed one but I can already sense the loneliness I will feel if I don't reach out. There isn't much interaction when your hiding behind a piano! How will I resist the temptation to bring along my favorite book and read during the breaks? With this new call I realize even more what a blessing it was to serve as RS pres. I was handed opportunities to help others every day and with that came the happiness that we receive when we reach. Hopefully I've learned the lesson well enough that I can continue to do good. I'm a big believer that when we focus on the needs of others we find our greatest peace and happiness.

I was so certain that with this change I would have all sorts of free time. I even set up a puzzle to work on. After a week, the puzzle hadn't been touched and I put it away, realizing that life with five active children will ALWAYS be busy, even if my church calling only requires me to show up. There's no changing that!


Lining the clouds with silver said...

Heidi, you're so amazing. And I love the background and border of your blog. Super cute!

Tonya said...

I felt some of the same feelings you have expressed when I was released from the RS Presidency. It was so much easier to get to know people and understand their needs being in the presidency. I definitely stay busy working with the YW and it gives me tons of opportunity to serve, but I definitely have to work much harder to reach out to those wonderful women who are not in YW with me. You did such a great job as RS President. I learned some valuable life lessons while you were in that calling. Thank you for expressing your honest feelings. I find it so touching that your sisters were here when you needed their support the most and now they are moving on. How weird is that? A definite tender mercy from our Heavenly Father I would say. I hope you find joy in your new calling. Oh, and exciting news about Rick!

Lady Fox said...

You NOT be busy? I don't think so. You are a great example and will continue to be even behind a piano!

Oyama Family said...

Heidi, you were serving your rear-end off before the calling, it was multiplied during, and I'm sure you will continue to after, it's just who you are...I hope to be like you someday!

Kelsey said...

Primary pianist is the best calling in the church. I've learned to ask for it when we move into a ward. It seems to work. I hope to be playing the piano in primary until I'm 90 and can't see the notes any more! (Thanks to you!)