Friday, April 2, 2010

My Dream

I looked in the girls room on my way to bed. It gave me nightmares.
I dreamed that it was Easter. I was in charge of putting the lamb into the crock pot. I was also in charge of making rolls. Before I knew it, Easter had come and we were just an hour from dinner time. I hadn't put the lamb in the crock pot or started the rolls. As we all know, both of these things require hours and I no longer had even one. We had to drive a ways to get to the big fancy mansion where we were having dinner and I was desperately trying to find a way to plug the crock pot into the car. The moment I lost is was when I realized I had made no preparations for Easter and that my kids wouldn't have a visit from the Easter Bunny. There was nothing for him to bring. I dramatically wept to Rick that I couldn't handle everything and that I quit. I curled up in a ball on my bed and cried and cried, realizing that I had ruined Easter.

When I woke up at 5:00 to Grant's whimpers, I was sad for a moment (as I always am at those early hours because it had only been a few hours since he last woke me up) but incredibly relieved that I still had two days until Easter and that I wasn't a failure.

Because I am not a Pharaoh who has a Joseph to interpret my dreams, I get to interpret this one myself. Yesterday, and maybe this whole week, was just a bit too crazy. I genuinely enjoyed my week and had fun but the result was that I have had no time to keep my house clean (as you can see from the pic) and have had very few moments to myself. My mind has been just as busy with thoughts of the future. And to top it of, there wasn't a new episode of The Office to help clear my mind and give me that moment to relax. Woe is me. The end result: Crazy Dreams.

My Interpretation:
Lamb-I spent two hours at Costco yesterday waiting to get my tire fixed. There was a sample of Lamb. It wasn't ready the first time I went around. When I came back the sample was all cleaned up. I never think about or eat lamb but because I was robbed of that one bite it will haunt me in my dreams.

Rolls-I really am in charge of the rolls for Easter. One of my many thoughts as I drifted off to sleep was about what kind of rolls I would make and how many. I like to do things as grand as possible. They really were happy thoughts and I'm not a bit worried about getting them done on time or if they will be good.

Easter Bunny-It's a good thing it's only Friday!

Easter Egg Hunts-Stephanie has been hounding me about big, exciting Easter Egg Hunts. Just before bed I was looking online at the Easter Egg Hunt at Alpenrose where she wants to go and trying to figure out how I could possibly make it work. As much as I love to do fun things, I'm thinking the dream was a sign that the Easter Egg Hunt five minutes from my house will suffice.

Mansions and Weeping on my Bed-I will attribute this part of my dream to Rebecca. It's a book I'm reading about a fictional woman in the 1920's who marries a very wealthy man who has just lost his wife. She is constantly in distress that she doesn't do anything right and that she is ruining everything. I left her weeping on her bed because she had ruined a huge party.

That's my interpretation. I was happy to wake up to the sound of pouring rain. I have nowhere to go today and once I stop using my blog to procrastinate cleaning, I'm going to spend the rest of the day getting my house back in order. It's nice to know that I'm not a failure and even though the girls room is a bit messy (along with the entire house) everyone is happy and I haven't ruined anything.


Stephanie said...

heheh, I still laugh when I think of this post.

Robin said...

mmmmm. yesss. this picture is extremely disturbing. it is very unlike someone i knew growing up who kept an extremely orderly bedroom. all the time. it was never messy.

Robin said...

and also, i am sad i am awake right now, too. lylas ;).

Tonya said...

I love this post. And I am impressed you put so much thought into interpreting your dream. It must have been very vivid! I hope your Easter was great!

brenda said...

Is it terrible that I sort of like hearing you have a couple of insecurities...yes, it's terrible. But I just feel surprised, because to everyone around you, you are PERFECT. Perfectly balanced, perfectly at ease with yourself, perfectly beautiful, nurturing, strong, kind, talented and perfectly at peace with imperfection!
Love ya!

Lady Fox said...

I always, always had a room that looked like that while growing up. I survived. It looks to me like your kids are living the beautiful life! You don't need Easter bunnies or rolls or mansions to do that! You are amazing lamb or no.