Sunday, May 9, 2010


Three-year-old birthdays just might be my favorite. And this just might be my favorite cake that Steph has given us.
Holly insisted on a spider cake. Every time we would ask her what she wanted, she would always say a spider cake. Finally, after listing off every springtime thing I could think of she was also happy with the idea of a rainbow cake. Steph combined the two of them beautifully, and though the young party guest might have been a bit disturbed (spiders do NOT belong on rainbows), Holly could not have been happier with the outcome.
Three-year-olds LOVE blowing out candles. So stinken' cute!
And mini cupcakes were the all time best thing for a party with little ones.
We turned playgroup into a party. We played duck, duck goose. They didn't get it but had fun. Ring-around-the-rosies was the all time favorite.
And we used Holly's new bubble blowing machine and sidewalk chalk.
Don't worry parents, this picture was taken after your children were safely taken home. I try to keep other children out of the street. My children, however, think they own the street. The beauty of living at the end of the cul-de-sac. They had drawn their own home, complete with bedrooms. I only got nervous when I would look out and see them laying in the middle of the road. Not safe. But cute!
Holly partied for two days. On her actual birthday Steph made more treats, we opened more presents, and went to get ice cream.
It was .31 cent day at Baskin Robbins so we stood outside in the cold to get into BR for our cheap ice cream. I figured one scoop was plenty for Holly but when she saw that everyone else was getting two scoops, she broke down. And because it was her birthday she got whatever she wanted. Does it get any better than this?!
I asked her how old she was over and over just so I could see this grin and these three little fingers.
I love you Holly!


Stephanie said...

So many fantastic pictures of Holly that day. Good job capturing it all.

Julie said...

Oh!!! I love Holly too! What a sweetheart she is! It looks like she had a fabulous birthday. Happy birthday to you, Holly!

Oyama Family said...

She's such a doll! I can't beleive she's 3! Good pictures too, so so cute! Happy Birthday Holly!

Tonya said...

I love how the cake turned out!! Stephanie has some major talent, that's for sure. Happy Birthday to Holly:)

Lady Fox said...

Three really is the best of all. Funny little things three year olds are. Stephanie sure knows how to bring on the treats.

meganconser said...

Great pictures- I love the cupcake one with frosting a different color than the one she is eating! Sweet little girl-- its been a pleasure to know her from birth!

brenda said...

Precious pictures! That is the BEST age for birthdays. And the cake rocks...why shouldn't the birthday girl have spiders?