Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Houses

I live in a society where big houses are the norm. Almost all of my friends have bigger houses than myself with less children to fill the house. Sometimes I think people feel sorry for me. For years people have been asking me when I will move into a bigger house. A bigger house never felt like something I needed or even wanted. Spending a few weeks in Africa made me want it even less and helped me fully understand that it is by no means a necessity. It also helped me realize that bigger houses have nothing to do with how happy a person can be. I just can't believe that people with big houses are happier than people with small houses. It doesn't make any sense. So here I am with five children living in a 1400 SF home in a community where big houses are common. I know that a bigger house won't make me happier and that it is not a necessity. But I also know that it would be fun, and comfortable and would make day to day living a little easier. No more filling the closets full and then closing them quick before everything falls out again. And no more bruises on my legs from bumping into my bed because there is very little room to get around it. I could finally remodel the kitchen and bathroom and maybe, though this would be tough, I could get rid of the swans. The kids would have more space to play inside during months and months and months and months of rain-I'm so sick of the rain! Maybe that's what's pushed me over the edge. Whatever it is, I'm finally ready to give in.

Rick and I are about to commit to a complete remodel/addition to our existing home. We have weighed the pros and cons of moving vs. an addition and have decided we want to stay where we are and add on to the house. We love our neighborhood, our cul-de-sac and our beautiful yard. We love the location and realize that the we could not possibly find better friends. The kids, though I feel they could adapt just fine if we moved, desperately want to stay where we are. They have great friends and love their school.

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! The problem is I am nervous about all the decisions that come with a remodel/addition. I want as much advice as I can possibly get. I plan on using my blog to get your opinions and advice about every little detail. Please help!

Advice for today: Do we move or add on? We are a few days away from putting money into an addition. Before that happens I want to make sure I have explored every other possibility. Is there a reason I shouldn't add on? Does someone out there want to buy my house and if so, is the perfect house out there for me to buy?
Should I just stay in what I have and spend all the extra money traveling the world?

My head has been full with these questions for weeks now and I'm finally ready for answers. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Whatever happens, I can feel the Bruno family needs to prepare themselves for a crazy adventure!


vaxhacker said...

There are times we've wondered which of those options to take and we've opted to put in a bunch of work rearranging and remodeling our home. It'll be great when we get it all done but it sure seems to be an Eternal, Never-Ending project. (Of course most of that is because more of our energy is going into our #1 most important project, at least until they move out in a few more years, but we're not complaining!)

I dunno, I think I'd say remodel. Your home always feels so full of life and love and activity. If you can pull that off in closer quarters, you're doing something really right. Besides, we'd hate to risk you moving out of the ward :)

meganconser said...

Let your roots run deeper-- add on! You live in a great home on a great lot- a little more comfort would suit you well.

Oyama Family said...

(you should talk to the Dubes) But I would say, add on! I love your yard, location, and you can't beat that Aloha 1st ward! Plus- you love your house...right? just could use a few "tweeks" here and there and maybe more space...go for it!

Danielle said...

My first thought is always the money. I have heard that living in construction is wearing, and making sure you have a reputable contractor who does everything by the book. Not to mention--leaving the ward is hard. My parents have lived int he same ward since I was 2 years old, and it is so nice to come back and visit, and stay close to friends that I was in Sunbeams with. But, on the upside, the perfect home may be out there. Maybe just look around, see a few homes, and see if it would even be something you or the kids would like.
P.S. If you're really tired of the rainy months check out our neck of the woods. We have great weather, and the home prices are MUCH cheaper! We would love the Bruno family out here in South Caorlina.

Tonya said...

I can tell you from experience that to find that perfect house with that perfect yard in a cul-de-sac is next to impossible!!! With the set up you've got I would say loudly, ADD ON! I think you know where home is, and if you love where you are then that's your answer. And when it's all done your home will feel brand new. And you'll love it! Such exciting decisions to make. And just for the record, you are absolutely right. You don't need a big home to be happy. Of course you don't. It's just really convenient to have the space. Can't wait to hear about your newest plans!

Deanna said...

STAY! We don't ever want you & your family to leave!

Ok, now that my selfish reasoning is out of the way... As you know, we were once in the same boat as you and have never regretted our decision to do an addition. I pretty certain that Christy and Stephanie feel that way as well. Going through the process with small children in the home was a challenge, but I felt it was worth the price ~ 'this too shall pass' so to speak. The end result was well worth the short term inconvenience, and for us was much more cost effective than purchasing a larger home. In fact, we could not find one with 5 bedrooms (which is what we have now) for under half a million dollars. There are still things that I would love to change about our house. My biggest suggestion would be to make sure that all of the little details get completed right away, or they may never get done... We have some things still unfinished that drive me nuts, as it has been 10 years ago since we did the addition.

All in all, home is where your heart is, no matter where that takes you ~ follow your heart and you will be happy. :)

Rachel said...

My dad has been in the houseplan and architecture buiness for over 30 years and he has done countless additions with many satisfied customers. When we talk about moving he always tells us, just add on, you will be happier in the end. If you love where you live, add on! So that is my advice from my dad's advice. Good luck!

hedrad said...

Here's my advice -

If you add on please don't get rid of the swans.

If you move please take the swans with you to your new home.


Tami said...

Heidi just needs to hear that we all love her and want her to stay so here it is: STAY!
Don't even think about looking elsewhere. And don't put your house on the market.

Lady Fox said...

I grew up in a tiny, tiny house. It makes for great BIG memories. I say put your effort into making your current home just that much better. Good luck with your decision.