Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Faith Without Fear

Every trip to Utah includes a drive by the house I lived in for my first 20 years of life and a visit to the cemetery where my mom was buried. It gives me a chance to talk to my kids about my past and to remind them of what a wonderful person Grandma Ardie was. I have visited the grave many times both with and without them. After my mom died I went there often. When my mission call came I took it to this spot to open it. I've laughed and cried around here. I've gone and felt very little.

This time was going to be a quick visit because of the sweltering heat. I would show the kids the graves of their Grandma and Great Grandparents and quickly head back into the air conditioned car. However, as my kids gathered around the grave, Abbie looked at it and then asked me what it meant to have faith without fear. As my mom was dying she often told us to have faith without fear and she would be with us. We had this inscribed on her headstone. I was grateful for the lesson I learned from her at that time and was so touched that now the lesson is being passed to her grandchildren and that her memory lives on. What a beautiful thing.