Sunday, November 7, 2010

Firsts and Lasts

This was a week of firsts at the Bruno home. Emily lost her first tooth and today Grant took his first steps and got his first haircut. I LOVE watching my children take their first steps. It is probably one of my favorite things as a mother. With Grants first steps came a twinge of sadness. We plan on Grant being our last child which means today was the last time I get to watch my child take their first steps. Hard to believe he is growing up so fast! Everyone gathered around for the big moment. Grant was thrilled to have such an attentive audience.

We trimmed the bangs. Once I couldn't resist clipping them back I knew we absolutely had to cut it. Will someone help me know when I need to cut the rest of his hair?
And here is Emily playing at her first recital. She was thrilled to finally have her turn and she did great!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Emily Lost a Tooth!

Emily lost her first tooth today at school. She was so excited. Here is a note she sent to Heather with all the details.

Dear Heather,
I lost a tooth! I wanted it to come out at school. I wiggled my tooth at school and I pulled on it and it came out! Then I told my teacher, and she said we can sing a tooth song and I got a tooth sticker. And I went to the office and I got a envelope to put my tooth in. And then when I got home I put the envelope under my pillow so the tooth fairy will get it and I would get a dollar.
I love you!

Everything Pumpkin

This was our wet trip to the pumpkin patch. Don't be fooled by Holly's smile. She cried almost the entire time we were in the corn maze. She HATED the mud.
Grant didn't love it much either.

But everyone was happy once we got our caramel apples and corn on the cob.

Holly's preschool took a much sunnier, happier trip to a different pumpkin patch.

And all the girls had a fun Witches-Night-Out at our friends house. October is such a happy month!


Dorothy and the Witch

The Cast of Harry Potter complete with a dementor and Rita Skeeter

Holly and her froggy friend

And the puppy dog. I let him play with candy thinking he wouldn't bite through the wrapper. Who knew he could do so much with just a few teeth.

Once he had tasted the goodness he was beside himself when it was taken away. Just one more month and then I'll let him enjoy his sugar. For now I'm trying to keep him as pure as I can!

Even if it means a few tears.
Rick borrowed the Harry Potter costume once the kids were done so we could go to our party. He wasn't the only Harry Potter there and it was quickly decided that he was the Harry Potter from the epilogue. That's what you get if you have a head full of gray hairs!