Friday, February 11, 2011

It Served Its Purpose

Let me back up. Over two years ago I knew the time was coming that we would need to make some changes with our living conditions, either adding on or moving. I started the search for a new home at that time. There were houses I was excited about but not enough to do anything about it. And in all reality, part of me just knew that nothing was going to happen until the spring of Abbie's 5th grade year. We continued toying with our options over the next few years and came incredibly close to adding another level to our existing home. We loved it and would have been happy staying there forever. A day before we paid the money to get the plans drawn up we decided to wait, that it still wasn't time. A month after we made that decision a house next door to some very good friends went up for sale and we loved it and them enough that we did what it took to put our house on the market, knowing if it didn't work out or if we couldn't sell our house we would stick with our plan to add on.

Long story short, our house didn't sell quick enough to get the house we originally wanted, the drop in the value of our homes and those around us took away the option of adding on, and by Christmas time we had an offer on our home and put an offer on the home we are in now. By the end of January we were moved into our new home. It felt like such a long time when I was in the middle of all of it and I had some incredibly stressful and frustrating moments but looking back I can't believe it actually happened as well as it did. And only a few months before the spring of Abbie's 5th grade year.

In my weeks and weeks of packing boxes I thought over and over "It served its' purpose" as I chucked everything I could stand to get rid of. I thought the same thing about the house I was leaving.

The yard was the hardest thing to leave. I loved my summer dinners on my deck.

I will miss the abundance of fruit we had from our trees even though Rick wont miss the pruning and the leaves.

And my garden was the hardest thing to leave. It served its purpose with its beautiful fence and arbor built by my dad and garden boxes that could be ignored for days, even weeks at a time and still produce incredible vegetables. All of that has now been replaced by this. I'm sure I'll grow to love it just as much.
This kitchen served its purpose with the hours and hours and hours of use it got. I can't even imagine how much of my life has been spent in it.
It has been replaced with this.
Each of these rooms brings lots of happy memories and I am anxious for the memories that will be made in the new rooms.
And last but certainly not least, the Swans. You will be missed most of all. Sitting on the toilet just isn't as peaceful anymore.

Even the Santa that sat in our corner every Christmas for years was able to serve one last purpose as it welcomed the many movers who came in and out of our house that day.

Now if I can just survive the next few months as I shuttle the kids back and forth the 10 minutes to school. I don't have it in me to pull Abbie out of her last few months at her school. It will all be worth it and I love that I still have a connection to all my friends on the other side of the hill. Even with a fun, new home I would be in a major depression without them.

I'm excited for my new home to serve its purpose as well so please come visit, whether you live close or even better far away and you have stay a little longer.

Babbling Bruno's

I no longer have only Brown-eyed Girls so I felt it was only fair to Grant that I change the name of my blog to include him. And not only do we have a babbling brook in our backyard now but every Bruno child is incredibly good at babbling. Thanks for the idea Steph!