Sunday, May 8, 2011

4, 10 and 37!

We were able to celebrate Holly, Connor and Rick all in just a few days. That meant lots of cake and happy people.
This picture is a bit staged but she really was thrilled to come down the stairs and see a kids tent to play in.

Her presents were hidden in the tent.
Half way through the day I remembered that part of having a birthday is having a cake. I relied for years on Steph and her amazing cakes and so that part of the birthday was never my responsibility. So we had to make a quick trip to the store, make our 9X13 cake, and let Holly decorate it. She was perfectly content.
This is how Holly woke up the morning of her birthday,
and this is how she was dressed the following morning, shoes and all.
The following day we had Connor's birthday party. Connor's aunt was able to get us tickets to the Portland Timbers soccer game so he invited a few friends and their dads and they all had a great time. And once again I made a 9X13 cake.
On the boys birthday we took the kids to Sky High. They had been begging us for a long time. Here is Connor trying to do a back flip off the side tramps.
And here are my boys. I love that they get to share this special day.
And that we get to eat lots of cake. All in 9X13 pans. Luckily I have three pans for three of my favorite people!


Stephanie said...

Oh those cakes are KILLING me! It's all I can think about. Your poor neglected family. I mean, 3 of them? Just regular old 9x13's? I need to go decorate something to make myself feel better

Julie said...

Happy birthday to Holly, Connor and Rick!

hedrad said...

Loved the picture of Holly acting surprised at her presents. So cute!!! And I agree with Steph. Those kids need their Aunt's, both of them.