Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Blogging has been on my to-do list for months. It took a sick Holly, which meant 3 extra hours that would normally have been spent at church, to finally get to it. So here she is to start off this tribute to the Bruno family Christmas.

This is the only picture I have of our annual tree cutting because the camera broke right after I took it. The morning was magical. It was cold enough that the trees were frosted and the rain was beginning to turn to snow. Some friends happened to pull up at the tree farm at the same time as us which made hunting through the forest to find the perfect tree even more fun.
I loved Christmas at the kids' new schools. Both Emily and Connor had Christmas performances that were fabulous. I forgot the camera for Em's but here's a picture of Connor being a pilgrim in his 5th grade performance (representatives from all the different holidays helped make Christmas happen-that's why he was a pilgrim). The kids also did awesome at the Christmas piano recital and I was able to sing with Cantico, a local choir, at The Old Church downtown. It was a fabulous concert!

Ward Christmas party with a visit from Santa!

I wish I had counted the hours spent in my kitchen during the month of December and the amount of treats and food that were made. I love to bake and what better time to bake then at Christmas. Yum! Of course, my New Year's Resolution is to take a break from all the treats. We'll see how long that lasts! On the edge of the counter it a Christmas music book. I would also like to know the hours spent in music in the month of December. Baking and Music. That just about sums up my December.

Lasts years photo of Sleigh Ride piano duet. Not posed.
This years photo. Posed. Wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from the Barkers.
When I was a teenager my family would always visit a hospital and sing carols to the patients. I loved it and have tried to keep the tradition alive. Getting into hospitals isn't as easy as it was then so we visit an Alzheimers care center instead. It's one of my favorite traditions.

The old ladies adore Grant. He was so cute to go right up them and give them his hand so they could squeeze it and tell him how adorable he is. I don't know that he liked it which made it all the sweeter. His little Christmas gift.
After we sang we got out a little Christmas Eve energy by walking in the nature park. We even got a good family picture out of it.

Singing Brenda's arrangement of Silent Night. Always a treat to sing with her.

Nativity complete with a lion from Africa for Heather. There are many benefits to a big family. One of which is a nativity cast!

Kids anxious to receive their Christmas Eve gift.
9:00 church on Christmas morning seemed like it would be impossible. But we did it and even had time for photos before church! My little Christmas miracle.

I hope I never forget how cute Grant and Holly were this Christmas. They were so full of energy and happiness. I love the magic of Christmas!

Rick made Holly's day by letting her give him a makeover.
Emily spent the entire day at her new desk working on her crafts. We wanted to get her a desk and were thrilled when a few days before Christmas the neighbors had a desk on the curb with "Free" written on it. We sprayed it white and it was the perfect gift!

Abbie's cute new Christmas outfit. Love this picture of Heather, our New Year's Eve star. We had a fun party but missed some of our regulars. Hopefully next year!

Minute-to-win-it games were super fun this year!

Emily with straight hair. It's a rare occasion because it takes almost an hour. Luckily Aunt Heather was willing to give her the hour.
I'm sad to see the holidays come to end. It was a magical month. Can't wait to see what 2012 brings for the Bruno family!


Julie said...

Yay for a blog update because it's been WAY TOO LONG since we've run into you. What happened to our streak?

I can't believe how Grant's grown! What a cute little boy. So fun to have Heather around, I bet, but I also bet she's missing Africa.

So happy to hear about your Christmas! Happy New Year to the Bruno's from the Hesses!

Robin said...

I can't wait for 2013, either.

Tonya said...

So happy you found a few hours to update!

Your family is adorable!!!

Glad that your Christmas and New Years was full of fun...just as it should be:)

Stace said...

Awesome post! Fun to see all the pics.

vaxhacker said...

Happy Holidays! We miss the Brunos :)

Oyama Family said...

fun to see all the picts, I can't beleive Emily's hair! So pretty!!

Lady Fox said...

First, I'm glad Hams still has a wife picked out for him. Second, I wish I could have eaten some of those delicious Christmas treats coming from your kitchen. Third, one of these years we need to spend a holiday together. Fourth, I miss you guys.

Tami said...

Love the update. I have to admit, your nativity was far more adorable then the Bakes.